Messages From White Arrow

White Arrow's Prayer - “The Light Within”

— 6 July 1996

I love you. You are my life, my soul, my very beginning. You breathe the life of my Father within each of you. You are of my Father. You are the beginning and the end. Each of you holds the candle of life. Each of you holds the Light which shows you the way. But the Light within you is flickering and dying and I have come to show you the way. I have come to light the dying candle within you.

This Light within me has the Power of Prayer. Prayers that ask of my Father’s forgiveness. Of course He forgives, but first the Light must try to be bright and wish to be seen and be touched by His very being. We have lost that prayer. We have turned our back on the very being of that prayer. We have lost the way. Now I show you that way. I will go back to the Ten Commandments, each and every one being broken daily. Have you forgotten that my Father sent the words to you? They are easy words. In each religion such words are used. Do you find them so hard to follow? Has my Father ever asked you to do anything that is impossible, but to follow His wisdom and love, yet we have turned our back on such words, and why?

For the Light of the candle that you carry within you is almost out and the Light is Faith. Where has the Faith of my Father gone? Is He so easy to forget? Has He not given you more than life itself? Look around at the wonders He has given you, the eyes that see the wonders, the mouth to speak of, then the smell of the beauty that lies around you. The hearing of the sounds that reach you. Even the beauty of that has left you. Your hands reaching out to be touched and when the touch is returned do you feel it? No, for now Man wants more than this and that is why Man has lost his way. The candle can only flicker, it can never die, for it is of my Father, but the flicker causes shadows and shadows come from darkness and that is what Man sees now, darkness, and that is not what my Father wanted for His children. Take the shadows away and let the beauty of Love return. I have heard many times of my children calling and praying for my return. It is not the first time and each time I hear the prayers I return, because I am the Light. This time it is different, for my and your earth is in trouble. Before, we had time. Time for you to deny the Son of God on Earth. I fear the same this time. Do not slowly let the candle burn, but look into your hearts now, and, now I have returned, listen to my words, for they come from your Father. Help me to light each candle and bring the people back as one and save the Beloved Planet. Search deep into your hearts for there you will find the answer that I speak the truth. To each religion I say Come together as one, for that is my Father’s prayer, that Man stands together as one.

I am the Light within you. Let me burn and show you my Light. Let us take the shadows away and return to the Light again. I am with you always. When you are sick, I am sick with you. When you cry, my tears cry with you. When you were born, so my Light shone brightly. When you are dying, so I’m with you to take you to my Father’s Kingdom.

I am you, so allow me to enter and shine as one and bring peace to Mankind again and when Man turns his back on the Light, so the Light burns more, for the Light is forever there with Man. I have never deserted Man, for Man is part of me, for I am Man. In a room that is of darkness, a Light will show and all Man will look for Light and it will never go out. I will show the Light in the darkness that has covered the earth so Man can see and follow, not just on this earth, but Heaven. Help me, Man, to bring back the Love of my Father. Return to His arms, for He waits.

Behold me, for I am the Son.

— 13 March 2003

Do not think of ANN WALKER as ANN WALKER but of your Son as the Son of God for I have come through her.

Now is the time for all my children to know I'm back amongst you once again. I have heard your prayers, now I ask for yours to save the living planet. I have brought with me on my return five friends who have come from far away to help you, and who are truly blessed by the Father by giving information of the dangers facing you all.

Please listen and pass the words on, for as your saviour I have come again. The Report is below for all to see. Other words will come later but for now learn of the dangers that face you without saving the rainforests of the world. Each and every man on Earth should know of this coming and therefore should pass the message on to all men.

As I do not fail you, please do not fail your Son. I kneel in front of you all as I do to my Father who has sent me and ask you to believe that at long last, the Son has returned. Feel in your hearts and souls that these words are spoken from me, let them tell you I speak the truth.

Last time I brought many words to teach you of Love and Peace and my Father. Now I ask you preach my words once again but this time to save the Planet so it can save my children. While I'm here I will speak and be your Son through ANN WALKER. Look at her as the daughter of GOD who has given herself to me. Only the Son could do such a thing by coming back through a woman because that woman was born of the same seed.


Please pass on The Report to family, friends and people.

— April 1994 – Part One

I, the Son of God, have returned to the Earth. Many of you on Earth know of my coming and have for many years. Many of you have prayed to my Father to send me. But why have you asked for my return? Because you are in trouble. If you are, will you listen? On my last return, the people of the Earth had time to listen. You will have known by the time you read my words that we do not have time on this return.

Will you listen, or are you waiting for miracles and words of wisdom from my Father, through me? Are you wondering why I have decided to return through Ann Walker and as an alien? Why do I not return as before? If I had, would you have believed in time?

I doubt it, for since my last return, you learned much more, but what you have learned is not of God and his Son, but only of yourselves. So has this learning been good? No, I say, for you have forgotten many things that are far more important – yourselves, your God and your Earth.

I have come in Love. If I show you that Love, will you accept it or think that other things are far more important? I think not, yet I hope that through all these things that are to happen soon you leave the unimportant things, and think Love is more important than anything else. My Father entrusted the Earth and the Animal Kingdom to you.

I have spoken of the Earth but not of the animals, but they too are important. They too have asked for my return, for they know more than you of the trouble you face. The animals of the world are dying, and mankind can only take the blame for this. You daily kill them by putting your own important things first, yet without the animal kingdom you are killing yourselves. They play a part in your life, as does the Earth, to keep you alive.

My Father gave you the greatest gift of all – the Earth – enough to keep you happy, to feed you, to clothe you, entrusting to you the beauty of the Earth, the creatures of the Earth, the seas of the Earth, the Moon, Sun and the stars. These he gave you with Love, yet your greed is destroying the very things He gave you. The caring has gone, as well as the belief that the living God exists within you, not above you. I have seen many say that God does not exist – yet who gave you the body you have, the heart you hold and the Love you feel? Is there a man who walks on Earth who can do all these things? If so, bring him forward so everyone can see! Then you can say that there is no God and that there is no need to save your Earth. But no living man can say that, and so no living man can say that there is no God.

I, White Arrow, the Son of God, can say that there is a God, for He is my Father and I, White Arrow, speak for him, and I say this: Let no man who believes in my Father turn his back on the world for if that man does so, he will be dead. Not through the choice of my Father, but because the man has put himself before God and has said that God is dead.

My Father is a living God, and so the man who believes in him is a living man, and to that man my Father gives the Earth freely. Man will say, ‘But if life exists after death, then I cannot die’. But I do not mean death of the body but of the soul, for without Love how can the soul survive in Heaven?

— April 1994 – Part Two

Mankind has lost its way. I have been sent to show mankind the way back to my Father. Soon I will show myself through Ann Walker. Through her you will see me. Let man know that Ann Walker is with me, and through her, the Love of my Father and his son, it is possible to show you things that you thought you had lost.

Each and every one of you feels in your heart that something terrible is wrong. Your soul tells you of these things. It is not your imagination but the truth, for each of you is part of my Father and he cannot be wrong. Each and everyone of you has wondered and asked ‘What can I do?’ I say everyone, the poor and the dying, the children who suffer greatly in your world (he showed me Africa), the rich – no matter how hard they think that the material protects them – are beginning to feel it too. The sceptics doubt their God and the ones with wisdom feel it. The good feel it. Every man on Earth feels the problem – no matter how many stand and say they do not feel it. You cannot lie to my Father.

Yet you say to yourselves: ‘Why should I, on my own, do something when no-one else does?’ Each man, woman and child on this Earth is part of each other. No matter how you try to break this togetherness it cannot be done, for you are all of my Father. So listen to your hearts and join as one, with my Father and save yourselves and your Earth. My Father never left you, for God does not think of these things. He loves you all. Where do your wars and your hate for each other get you but pain and tears? Your enemies suffer as well. Where do your aims lead you but to death and suffering? For each man who causes suffering to his brother surely knows that it brings suffering to himself. Mankind has inflicted many wounds on itself and is doing so daily, yet daily you call on my Father for help. How can he help if you do not listen to him?

I, White Arrow, kneel in front of my Father for you.