Let me take you gently by the hand and show a light through the darkness and
here you'll be amongst friends, past and present


  Who Are We?

An End Of An Era..

As of Sunday 30th October 2011, I am sad to say that the White Arrow Spiritualist Church, opened by my parents Ann Walker and Tony Walker in 1984, will be closing at Ashdown Road, Hillingdon. But this is not the end as we will be relocating to pastures new and as soon as we are up and running, we will let you know via the website.

We would like to thank all of the people who attended the church, many who have become friends, and to the Mediums who gave their time to bring comfort and the love from the Spirit World, since we first opened our doors.

Joyce Walker
(Ann & Tony's daughter)

Welcome to the White Arrow Spiritualist Church, based in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England.

The church was setup in the name of Ann Walker's spiritual guide, White Arrow, whom Ann met in person in 1979. Please see www.annwalker-whitearrow.co.uk for more details.

We have a service every Sunday with a Guest Medium - see the pages on the left for more details and a calendar of events. We are unable to offer dedicated healing evenings but please attend the church and speak to Joyce Walker, the church President, as several healers do attend regularly.

A Message from Joyce Walker

Mum and Dad (Ann & Tony Walker) opened the church doors in 1984; Mum became clairvoyant a few years before the Church opened and that is when she met her guide White Arrow. I was only 13 at the time so I grew up with Mum being a medium and my Dad was always a great strength to my Mum. She could not have worked so hard without the help from my Dad.

My Mum worked hard during the day giving messages to people that wanted to see what their future held for them, but Mum always gave them past, present and future - especially the past to prove that the gift she had was true. At weekends, Mum wrote four books which are shown on www.annwalker-whitearrow.co.uk and if you have read Mum's books you will know that Mum's aim was to help save the rainforests and stop man from destroying it - a lot of changes in the world are predicted by Ann Walker in her book, The Messenger The Messiah.

Since my Mum and Dad passed away only a year apart, myself and my half-sister Anne have kept the doors open so please come down and see us at the White Arrow Spiritualist Church.

Many Thanks,
Joyce Walker

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