The Report

The following text from the Report was given to Ann Walker by White Arrow in 1992.

“It is not easy for me to tell you of bad that will happen. These things I do not wish to bring you. I would have wished to bring you happy news on my return but instead I have to tell you of the troubles that lie ahead. With your help I can save you. Then I can bring the good. Help my father to help you.

“I have already told you that your Earth has moved two degrees out of its orbit. In twenty years time it will move another three degrees because of the rainforest destruction. This will make a five degree change. Already the two degree move has altered the molten fluids beneath the earth’s surface. This in turn is causing fault lines to shift, which is why you experience more earthquakes around the world. As the next twenty years come so will you see new fault lines appearing and yet more earthquakes will shake the land. Large areas of the planet will be totally destroyed. Land will submerge. Japan and small islands will disappear. Parts of Russia will disappear. The southern tip of South America will disappear. Many miles of coastline will be submerged into the seas and parts of land will be lost over all the world.

“The Earth is becoming warmer because the damaged ozone layer now allows the sun’s rays to heat the planet with greater intensity. The core of the earth is overheating. In thirty years time many species of animal will be lost. Man will find parts of his world changed. Your moon which already affects the tides of the ocean will have an effect twenty times greater by then. Tidal waves that have never been seen by man before will cover the land. The fish that you catch will move to different parts of the ocean and be no longer there to feed you. Your crops will not grow because the weather will change. There will be storms, cyclones and tornadoes in parts of the world where they have never been known. Great rainstorms will flood the land and destroy not only crops but grazing land as well and the moon, being too close, will have an effect here too. All land will be affected because the earth’s atmosphere will be too close to the atmosphere of the moon. They will be too close because of the five degree change.

“The ice caps will melt and the seas will claim the shorelines of many countries. Between thirty and fifty years from now an ice age will appear over many parts of the world while in other parts temperatures will rise to over two hundred degrees. Great fires will destroy more forests and grazing land will be burned. In thirty years there will be few safe areas in the world, yet even these will be of little use to man, for in fifty years no safe place will be left.

“As the trees are being destroyed, so are the grasslands being taken away for roads and buildings. Petrol fumes, among other things, are destroying the ozone layer in your atmosphere and affecting the health of man. In twenty years time, twice as many cars and factories will produce ten times as much pollution, and destruction to the ozone layer will continue causing further heating of the earth’s core. We have a formula to help with this problem. We have given all the facts and figures in The Report, but the cause of all this happening lies with your continued destruction of the trees that give you life. As each tree falls so your destruction comes closer. The trees keep you alive. They play an important role in the balance of life. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Without oxygen you and other breathing life forms cannot survive. Humans take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Without trees you cannot exist. Even the grass you walk on and the flowers you admire give you breath. The rainforests are like a belt around the earth. Even their weight plays an important part in how the earth spins in balance. Removing the trees will cause a five degree change in the planet’s orbit around the sun. The trees are also a force field. Winds from one part of the planet are kept away from another part by the trees. They cause a direction that makes it safe. Without the trees the winds are left to follow their own direction causing them to grow stronger and further damage the earth without the force to hold them back. Diseases will be carried from different countries. They will not be contained because the winds and weather will be out of control and the ozone layer will again play a big part in your destruction.

“It is the felling of the rainforests and other things that have mainly caused the problem we see. Man must take responsibility for his actions. His actions are adding to his own destruction in fifty years’ time.

“I will now talk about the object that is coming. The comet will not hit your earth. Its pathway has already been mapped out to pass your earth. I know for I have seen this but you must hear: the atmosphere of your earth and your moon will be too close together and so will be in the comet’s path. As the comet passes its speed and weight will pull the middle of the earth outwards causing it to erupt. Lands will sink and mountains will come down. Land man has never seen will appear in the place of lands that have gone. No man will walk the earth again for millions of years to come. This is why I have returned to you, to turn back to God and help him to repair the damage before it is too late.

“We have eighteen years only to do this in: ten years to stop the felling of trees and eighteen years now to start replanting the forests. This will bring the earth back from the five degree danger.

“I want my people to know the truth. You shall show them The Report and they shall know that it was to be for everyone so that everyone will know. With this knowledge that I give, the people can be informed and, once informed, can cause change.”

This report was written in 1992 and was sent to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1992. They responded, stating that the report was indeed 50% correct — but could not verify the remaining 50% due to the nature of the evidence and the fact that it had not happened yet.

Warning Signs Are Happening Now

Europe and England
Presently, the overwhelming influences on Europe’s climate are the Atlantic Ocean, the cold land-mass of Asia and the warm air mass over the ocean with its warm Gulf stream. The Gulf stream is so effective in elevating temperatures that, mountains apart, where the Atlantic and Saharan influences coincide in southern Spain, winter temperatures presently can be as high as Florida – ten degrees of latitude or 700 miles farther south.

England will be an indication of the severity of upcoming changes that Europe will experience, during process. In the year 2012 there will be nationwide crop losses. The temperature, twenty years hence, in England will begin at 120F and constitute the start of the irreversible stage of temperature increase. Throughout England, at this time, there will be widespread flooding, together with a phenomenon of frequent large-scale fires that may be likened to the spontaneous fires which occur in Canada/North America after prolonged arid conditions.

Twenty five years ago, Ann Walker and White Arrow warned us what we should expect if the rainforests were not saved. The year 2012 has changed. Ann said in her book The Messenger The Messiah that due to continued deforestation and the shift in the Earth's axis, the process had been brought forward five years to 2007! We cannot be complacent. For the past 10 years, climate records have been broken whether its the wettest June, the hottest year, the warmest Winter - these are not one-off occurances. During Summer of 2007, 2008 and now Autumn 2009, the UK experienced severe thunderstorms and flooding which hit all parts of England, Wales and Scotland. Homes were flooded, transport networks ground to a halt and crop losses were reported. On 20th July 2007, over one month's rain (100mm) fell in one day in Oxfordshire. This is just the start. Do you want your family to endure more disasters?

In 2007, The Met Office reported the severe storms that lashed the UK had been caused by the jetstream that moved to a lower latitude around the UK which had led to frequent low pressure areas, leaving us with numerous storms - but no-one explained why these weather patterns changed! Read the article about how Rainforest deforestation has changed wind patterns on

In November 2009, Dumfries in Scotland had its wettest month on record. In 2009, the Met Office reported that 2009 will be in the 'top five warmest years' since records began 150 years ago.

And more recently in 2017, several category 4 and 5 storms have hit the continental United States and Mexico along with a 8.1 magnitude earthquake striking Mexico. How much more devastation must we endure before changes are made?

We must do something NOW! It is up to us to push for change – we must protect the Earth!