Conversations with Aliens

The following is a record made by Ann Walker of the dialogue with Michael on the subject of UFOs between January and February 1992.

  1. Michael's people have been visiting Earth since its existence, although Michael is not at liberty to explain why. He does, however, say that part of their role is to observe and note what is going on. They do not normally interfere with human activities but will not hesitate to do so if mankind discovers something which they consider to be dangerous in the hands of the human race.

  2. Michael says they explore the sea more frequently than the atmosphere and this is one of the main reasons for their being here. The sea contains more intelligence within its depths than can be found on dry land. It is also the life source of mankind.

  3. Michael's people are responsible for some reported abductions, but except in rare cases where things go wrong, abductees are usually returned. This does not mean they are always taken back to the place from where they were abducted. Nevertheless wherever they are returned to, great care is given to ensuring their happiness and wellbeing. Aeroplanes and ships have also been taken. Michael's people being responsible for the disappearance of the aircraft involved in the Kinross incident and for some of the disappearances in the so-called Bermuda Triangle, although these were relatively few.

    The Bermuda Triangle as defined by some writers is a fallacy.

  1. The U.F.O's belonging to Michael's people are of several types, all being disc-shaped. Most of them can change their appearance, but there is one type that cannot change its appearance. All can become invisible or only partially visible when necessary.

  2. Michael and his people are over 8 feet tall, have large bodies, long arms and small heads. They have slanting eyes with three pupils, a long nose extending downwards to chin level, ear orifices but no ears and an orifice in the middle of the forehead. The shoulders are broad, the chest is deep and the feet have extensions to the rear. Such an appearance would obviously be disconcerting to us, so they can change their form whenever they wish. They were responsible for the sighting in Russia as recently reported in Pravda where several large beings were observed emerging from a landed UFO.

  3. Michael says that their U.F.O's are those recorded in the Bible; sightings reported by astronauts in space; and sightings on the Moon.

    Their power source produces a magnetic force-field which would stun people if they approached too close, which is why open spaces are chosen for landings.

    Michael also says they need the sea for their propulsion system and that their magnetic force-field can affect motor vehicle electric systems and electricity power transmission lines. Sometimes they draw off electrical power from these lines. In fact the widespread power failure throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States in November 1965 was due to their activities. This was not intentional and happened accidently while they were drawing off power for a purpose which was not specified.

  1. Michael's people have been involved in a number of close encounters. One particular case referred to was that of Villas Boas's sexual encounter with an alien woman aboard a U.F.O. Michael says Boas's experience was not a real one, but have been induced by them to distract him while they took something from his mind.

    Some close encounters have results in illnesses and disabiilities being cured. The reported case of the curing of the French doctor's lameness was a direct result of the activities of Michael's people. He also says they have restored the sight of blind persons.

    When asked about the significance of the lines and symboles laid out on the plains of Nazca in Peru, Michael said that were were not entitled to know. Without prompting he volunteered the information that the giant statues erected on Easter Island where put up to commemorate a visit by his people. This snippet of information then led to a question as to the purpose of the Pyramids. The answers were somewhat cryptic in that he said they are important for the World and also benefit Michael's people. There is a connection with energy. The writing still needs to be understood and the Great Pyramid contains something which has yet to be found.

    A further question about ley lines elicited the reply that Michael's people do not use them and gave rise to the baffling comment: "Think about the zig-zags".

  2. When asked if the lost continent of Atlantis really did exist, Michael replied in the affirmative. He also confirmed that it had an advanced civilisation and its destruction was due to the activities of mankind and the elements.

    Taking this line of questioning to another stage, he was asked if the theories advanced by Velikovsky had any substance. In reply, Michael said the planets do periodically change their orbits and Venus was once part of Jupiter. However, contrary to what Velikovsky had postulated, the Earth did not change its axis and this is something which has yet to come.

  3. In turning to the story of Philadelphia Experiment, Michael confirmed the truth of that story and the fact that the Americans suceeded in rendering the ship invisible. The knowledge gained from this experiment was considered to be dangerous in the hands of Man because they had discovered something they were not entitled to know. Michael's people therefore introduced some subsequent problems which led to further work on the project being dropped.

  1. On the subject of MJ12, Michael said the report relating to the U.S.A.F's recovery of a crashed saucer was true, although there were no substance to the assertion that bodies of aliens had also been recovered. The saucer was just an empty shell. Anything of interest having been removed before the recovery team arrived on site (presumably by the crew).

  2. Michael was asked what caused the explosion and devastation in the area of Tunguska, Siberia in 1908.

    He again replied cryptically that it was nothing to do with aliens, it was mankind.

  3. Asked to explain time warps, Michael said they were part of God's universe and those who experienced the phenomena had entered another dimension.

  1. Bearing in mind that Michael had said his people's UFO's were discs, he was asked if others visited Earth and whether their UFO's were disc-like.

    He replied that there was one other sourrce of regular visits, a people who use cigar or cylindrical shaped ships, some of which are unbelievably large. Their name of place of origin has something to do with the letter 'A'. They come here to observe what is going on and also to obtain something associated with seaweed which they need. Some abductions are the result of their activities. He volunteered the comment that there were not as many UFO's visiting Earth as is generally believed, and the time is coming when people will know about aliens.

  2. In answer to the question as to what happened to the inhabitants of Lake Anjikuni village, who all disappeared without a trace. Michael said they had a visit from aliens and were abducted. They were, however, returned elsewhere later.

  3. Some witnesses involved in UFO encounters have reported being visited by men in black and warned not to speak of their experiences or follow up any further investigations, and Michael was asked who these M.I.B's were.

    He replied that they were emissaries, but not his people. He also said they were not sinster.

  1. The Russians have reported discovering some wreckage from a large object orbiting the Earth at a distance of 1,240 miles. Their calculations put the date of disintegration as 18th December 1955, and Michael was asked if this could be explained.

    He said the wreckage was of a manned space station from another world. He did not say what had happened but commented that it had a past and a future link. He also said "they" will interfere with our satellites and space stations if it is considered necessary.

  2. When asked about the very high incidence of UFO sightings reported in the Warminster area some time ago, he said they were all illusions designed to create a distraction, but did not indicate for what purpose.

  3. The "Angel Hair" reported as falling from the sky during the course of some UFO sightings was not, according to Michael, ectoplasm as believed by some people, but fine strands of a transient substance caused by an energy discharge.