Heaven Can Come Later

This is Ann's autobiography. It tells of her traumatic childhood and is written in her own words. It is a very moving story and is punctuated with humour as she encounters the spirit world and White Arrow. It tells of their initial meeting and how Ann developed her gift through White Arrow's wisdom and guidance, which led to her becoming one of England's most accomplished mediums.

Paperback. 216 pages.
Published by Ann Walker on 17th September 2003. ISBN: 0954504410


Previous Editions
  1. Paperback. 217 pages. Published by Excalibur Press of London on 5th January 1990. ISBN: 1872080650
  2. Paperback. 224 pages. Published by Arrow Books on 6th June 1996. ISBN: 0099563010

Little One - Message From Planet Heaven

This book details Ann's journey to the Native American Red Indians in 1991 and of her 'tests' in order to prove that she was with White Arrow. It describes her meetings with the Aliens and also meets the spirit of Albert Einstein who reveals many pages of formulae which tell of a process to produce petrol which does not emit carbon dioxide. White Arrow dictates to Ann an accurately detailed report outlining the Earth's current condition and predicts an approaching catastrophe. The report contains a timetable of events, detailed maps of the Earth with areas which will be rendered incapable of life, should the recommendations of the report not be acted upon.

Paperback. 272 pages.
Published by Ann Walker on 14th November 2003. ISBN: 0954504429


Previous Editions
  1. Hardcover. 272 pages. Published by Century on 19th May 1994. ISBN: 071266081X
    Paperback. 304 pages. Published by Arrow Books on 1st June 1995. ISBN: 0099377217

The Stone Of The Plough

This is an extraordinary book, one that was hard to put down! The book follows Ann's journey to Egypt where, guided by White Arrow, she witnesses many miracles. She uncovers some incredible secrets: the real purpose behind the pyramids, the site of Jesus's tomb and a mysterious object; The Stone Of The Plough. She encounters the spirits of Moses, the Virgin Mary and Pharoah Imhotep. The book contains an important message about what we need to do today, to safeguard tomorrow's future.

Paperback. 328 pages.
Published by Ann Walker on 19th December 2003. ISBN: 0954504437


Previous Editions
  1. Hardcover. 336 pages. Published by Element Books on 2nd January 1997. ISBN: 1862040826
    Paperback. 352 pages. Published by Element Books in March 1997. ISBN: 1852309377

The Messenger The Messiah

Ann and White Arrow's new book covers the 12 years of their journey from Montana and their quest to save the Earth, by providing evidence to Man that the Rainforests must be saved.

The Messenger The Messiah combines their first three books; Heaven Can Come Later, Little One and The Stone of the Plough and their unpublished journeys. The book provides over 190 drawings and photographs, along with evidence of miracles, to give an important message to the World. She visited America, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil and Israel by following messages from Aliens, Moses, The Virgin Mary, Imhotep, Isis, Horus and Albert Einstein etc to reveal hidden secrets about our true existence. She felt it was necessary that everyone should read the complete journey to understand why White Arrow is here.

Hardcover. 672 pages.
Published by Ann Walker on 17th July 2003. ISBN: 0954504402

Paperback. 705 pages.
Published by Ann Walker on 19th December 2003. ISBN: 0954504445


I finished reading Ann's book [The Messenger The Messiah] in a week. I feel very thankful that I know what needs to be done and grateful that the book has come out. At least we have a chance to correct the damage we've done. The book is quite mind blowing and I'm glad it was otherwise I might not have reacted to it. Half way through the book I felt very depressed but had to keep reading. The book did make me feel quite frightened but at least I have some knowledge to pass on. I can give people the book to read for themselves and decide. I feel that once people read the book they'll have some sort of a reaction, even if it's dismissed the seed has been sown. To me the book is a precious gift from God and speaks The Truth. I think that people will be frightened but that also may be due to the fact that they don't want their lives changed as they're quite comfortable as they are. I've read quite a few books and have got something from most of them but this book is incredible. No other author that I know of has gone to so much trouble to try and show us the proof. I did enjoy the light heartedness of the book too when things got really frightening. Ann managed to lift the feeling with her humour. It was much appreciated. It takes amazing bravery and courage to do what Ann and all her helpers have done. God Bless.

A reader from the UK