Ann Walker met White Arrow on 20th April 1979 when she was 37 years old. Up until then her life was beset with trauma and unhappiness, but White Arrow completely turned her life around when he made himself known to her and since then Ann has dedicated her life to working for Spirit, through White Arrow.

In 1986 Ann decided to start writing her autobiography 'Heaven Can Come Later' in which she fully explains her life before and after she met White Arrow, including flashbacks to when she was shown her incarnation when she and White Arrow (when he was a Sioux warrior) were once man and wife in North America some 130 years ago.

Little did she know then, back in 1986, that her existing life as a happily married grandmother would become so intense and so completely different from any other medium. The autobiography was just the start of it all, for this enabled Ann to be known and understood by the general public as an ordinary woman who could easily relate to her, and all the earthly problems which she had endured and indeed overcome with the help of White Arrow and her beloved husband, Tony. Writing the book also helped spread White Arrow's name. Ann went on tour giving demonstrations of her clairvoyance, promoting her book at the same time.

Back in 1980 White Arrow had given Ann seven very simple symbols, but it wasn't until 1990 that he told her it was time for her to find out what they meant and represented, and so he sent her upon an incredible and very special journey. This unique journey began in July 1991 when Ann contacted and arranged to fly out to meet some Native American Indians in Montana. After having to endure a 'sweat', which is a rigorous test to prove she is indeed with White Arrow, these Red Indian Spiritual Elders were able to translate the seven symbols fully, explaining that they contained religious stories within them. Ann was also told that two days after the Full Moon in January 1992 (the 7th) she would be given a message. It was a few months after her return from her first trip to the States, on the 17th October 1991, when White Arrow gently revealed to Ann his true identity, that he is not actually from the world of Spirit, but that he is the Son of God and comes from God's Planet, and that he is very much alive and with us all to help us. White Arrow told Ann that he has returned to 'our world' at this time and in this way because Mankind has sent many prayers for his return.

It was on the 7th January 1992 when Ann was indeed given the dire warning by the Highest in the Galaxy, five Aliens who are to help White Arrow in his mission, that the world is in trouble and that a comet is coming in fifty years hence. That if we do not stop destroying the trees (the Rainforests) the earth will by then have moved five degrees out of balance making it too close to the comet's pathway as it passes. This will mean that it will not hit the earth but will pull the centre of the earth out, therefore leaving nothing on this planet whatsoever, for it will be completely inhabitable. She was given a medallion by the aliens (not visible to the human eye) which enables her "twin soul" to travel to wherever she needs to in connection with her special journey for White Arrow.

In August 1992 she flew out to North Dakota where another test was set for Ann to undertake - a Fast. All these experiences Ann wrote about in her second book entitled 'Little One - Message from Planet Heaven' in which she gives full descriptions of all the aliens she is in contact with, of the regular meetings she has with them each month when she is given much information for her forthcoming journeys, and culminating with a full report given to her with the help of Einstein which gives details of what will happen to the planet and its wildlife should Mankind not take heed of the fact that we are heading for complete destruction if the trees are not saved now and re-planted in time. (Some hieroglyphics were given to Ann during the time of writing 'Little One' which was her first introduction to Egypt).

And so the journey continued. This very complex 'jigsaw' gradually developed over the following years by way of five Aliens, Albert Einstein, Imhotep (who was an Ancient Egyptian archaeologist and scholar) and White Arrow giving Ann many, many drawings, ancient writings in different languages and diagrams. This present book takes the reader on the journey with her, explaining as she goes along all her findings and experiences in Egypt, from when the drawings and writings were first given to her, through to Ann going there to prove their authenticity and that they are evidential.

This all entailed Ann needing help in finding the English translations of the words she had been given. She found someone who was able to recognise them to be Ancient Arabic, Ancient Phonetic, Coptic, Demotic and eventually the words were broken down into English. In time, and after much hard work, these writings were readable into English sentences and subsequently it was apparent that they were Ann's instructions as to where she would be directed to go to and what she was to find once she arrived at the selected places. The task was then put to Ann that she would have to go to Egypt to find someone there who would be able to translate the rest of the drawings and writings, and so she booked her first flight to Cairo for May 1993.

With the invaluable help of the Tour Guide who later became a true friend and helper, Ann was able to continue carrying out this incredible journey which involved taking several trips to Egypt. She was led to such places as the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Sphinx, Saqqara where the tomb of Ti is situated and, according to her given instructions, had to go to the Step Pyramid and the Unas Pyramid.

But probably the most wondrous place of all was Matariyah in Old Cairo where Ann was led, according to the instructions once again, which derived from the ancient writings the Aliens had given her. It was here that a miracle was performed, one of many that she witnessed in Egypt, but perhaps the most significant to her incredible journey to save the trees. For it was on her first trip there in May of 1993, when Ann saw and spoke to The Virgin Mary in the grounds of the church where there stands a tree which the Virgin Mary allegedly rested upon during the time she spent in Egypt when she fled Jerusalem with her infant Jesus. The Virgin Mary told Ann that her journey had now started and that she was at the right place. Ann carried out her given instructions which were given prior to leaving England which included walking around the tree three and a half times.

On her second trip to Egypt, in January 1994, Ann visited a place which has another tree where it is said the Virgin Mary rested. It was at this particular tree where Ann once again walked around three and a half times. Once more, Ann saw the Virgin Mary, who told her to eat dirt from the base of the dead tree. It was upon Ann's third visit to Egypt in the July of 1994 when she returned to the second tree that she saw with her own eyes that a new baby tree was growing there! The Keeper of the tree told her it was regarded as a miracle by everyone. For this was the first time in 2,000 years that a new baby tree had ever grown here. They first noticed it's early shoots in the Spring (that is, just a few months after Ann had been told in January by the Virgin Mary to eat dirt) and decided to cut it and replant it in a better position for it to grow. But it just kept growing and growing where it first began to shoot through. The message being - Do not cut the trees - the whole essence of this journey.

A few of the many words given to her were: NEINGH S/T PULTEY which means in English - Virgin of the Holy Tree. What more is there to say?

To sum up, Ann Walker is the only medium in the whole world who has brought so much evidence to the world that White Arrow is the Son of God who has returned; that Spirit exists, and that Aliens (people with the greatest intelligence and knowledge) exist and through her personally visiting all these places in order to prove that these writings, languages, drawings etc are true, she is revealing to the world that miracles are indeed taking place. In time, the 'The Stone Of The Plough' which is the spacecraft hidden beneath the Giza plateau containing the Hall of Records (the secrets of the beginning of time) and other tombs will be opened, according to the writings she has been given.

Ann's journey continued with Mexico and Brazil - visiting each three times. Her final journey was to Jerusalem where the Father delivered an incredible message to her. When she returned, her final book “The Messenger The Messiah” was completed and was published — Ann always said that to her this book was the new bible for all of humanity and contained a stark warning to us all, and yet, the book is full of love for who we are, where we came from and what we can achieve.

Without her knowing, her journey was complete. She had done what she came here to do. On the 13th January 2004, Ann Walker passed to Spirit.

She had given over twenty five years of her life to serve Mankind. Sadly Ann did not see the Rainforests being saved in her lifetime but she left us with evidence, faith and truth and a knowing that we must all come together to save the Rainforests which will inevitably save us all.

We have been given an insight into our past and our future and now it is up to us to fight to make it a secure world for our children and future generations.

In the Knowledge of God

By Valerie Smith, Ann Walker's Personal Assistant.